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I love working here!
It's an awesome place to work ... No workplace is perfect... I like my coworkers and families.
Faye Bethea Davenport
I love all the children and Staff at KIDS R KIDS!
Elizabeth Ellis Driver
I can't be more please with Kids R Kids. I am so happy that my daughter has the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful program with such loving and caring people. My daughter, Avelyn "Cupcake" loves coming to school!! I especially love her teacher Miss DeeDee!!!! She takes amazing care and has so much love for every child and treats them like her own. Every classroom transition that my daughter has gone through has been so smooth. WE LOVE KIDS R KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!
Kathleen "Katie" Helme
Couldn't be more pleased!
Since we joined Kids R Kids I've noticed my daughter has a more structured day. We're raising her bilingual in Spanish and English. When we first joined her English skills were minimal but now she is able to communicate accurately in both languages. She's also made great strides in learning colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and sharing behaviors at play and work (crafts, activities, wait turns). I couldn't be more pleased with the curriculum and environment KRK provides. From the start the teachers were very nurturing to her and helped her ease into school, having been home for 2 years. Ms. Tara and Ms. Cindy helped her feel safe and cared for so she knew it was ok to go to school and play with friends until mommy or daddy came back for her. I can and do recommend Kids R Kids Clayton to everyone who asks where my daughter is cared for while I'm at work. Not only do they provide a clean, safe, and loving environment - they also care for the family as a whole. I go to work every day without a concern, knowing that my daughter is under the care of people who know what they are doing and not only teach her but also care for her and provide a loving, nurturing environment while I am away. Thank you to all the staff, Kellie, Renee, Tameka, and above all the teachers!
V Flores
Very likely to recommend Kids R Kids Clayton
The staff and faculty at this school maintain a professional environment. I've noticed my child's vocabulary and speech has improved since attending Kids R Kids. I would very likely recommend Kids R Kids Clayton to another family. They are truly a step above many if not all other daycare/preschool centers in the city.
D. Martin Jr.
Recommended this school to many friends
The location of Kids R Kids Clayton is very convenient. We love the fact that so many of the teachers and faculty know our daughter and speak to her when they see her. The teachers are very nice and keep us updated about processes in the classroom. Our daughter enjoys school and asks about going every day.
B. Harris
KRK Clayton is a remarkable place!
Everyone who works there truly cares. They care about their jobs and each child who walks through the front door! What more could you ask for? Above a caring, safe environment, my child gets wonderful, healthy snacks and meals. The facilities inside and out are beautiful and enjoyed by the children. Parent communication is stellar! The Kindergarten program is unbelievable. My child has learned an unbelievable amount of information. She is reading, writing, doing math, science, and social studies. I would highly recommend Kids R Kids Clayton!!!
R. Mitchiner
My son really appears to like the teachers
We are new to Clayton and this is my son's first school since our arrival. He has attended two other schools in our previous state, and what sets Kids R Kids apart is cost, outdoor activities, change of stations, an actual "lunch room" (Cafe), and the interaction between the children and their teachers. This is very comforting to see.
E. Hinton
Highly recommend your school
I would highly recommend your school to anyone, by far one of the best schools I've seen in the area. I thank you for all that you and your staff have done for the my granddaughter. Her social skills have greatly improved!
R. Dube
I love Kids R Kids!
My child had an extremely difficult time when starting school. It was because of the patience, care, and compassion my little girl received that she is doing so well today. I appreciate Renee, Donna, Brenda, Charle, and Tara more than I can describe!
B. Buchanan
Praise the staff!
I'm so happy with Kids R Kids that I've recommended friends to come and visit. I praise the staff and environment as a whole. I've recommended at least 3 friends to bring their kids here. I love that the owner is very involved with her business.
V. Faria-Brooks
Love Everything about this school!
As a stay at home mom going back to work it was a scary decision for me to put my children in daycare. After going to a couple other schools and leaving with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach I was so excited about Kids R Kids and the fact that when we left our interview with them my 4 year old looked at me and said Mommy this is my school!!! All that being said nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. I have a daughter in Mrs Patty's class (4Y) and one in before and after care. The level of learning with my 4 year old is beyond amazing. She surprises me everyday with all she has learned but this weekend was amazing when out of the blue she recited the Pledge of Allegiance almost perfectly and then signed Silent Night for her Christmas program. The care that is given to my oldest is amazing as well. I enjoy seeing them everyday! If you are military this is an approved school and they do everything for you to get any program started that is needed. There has not been anything I can say negative!!! I love this school!!!!
H McNutt
Excellent job teaching my grandson
This letter is to recognize you and your staff for doing an excellent job teaching my grandson. His skill level in reading, writing and math are significantly better since attending Kids R Kids Clayton. I believe he is very well prepared for the first grade; in fact, he may be on that level already. He enjoys going to school every day and learning (and of course seeing all his classmates). I usually pick him up from school in the evenings and he demonstrates an eagerness to get his homework done. In the beginning, he would need quite a bit of help accomplishing his homework, but now completes it with little help. I have also noticed the children are taught good behavior and social skills. Structure seems to play a big role as well. The children all seem to know when it's time to work and play. I've seen you and your staff members help each other out by pitching in whether it be to man the front desk or drive buses, which speaks volumes about dedication to our children. All too often in today's world we hear more about what went wrong instead of right and in this case you and your staff are a shining example of the latter. My sincere thanks to all of you for preparing our Little Man for the first grade.
E. Doane
Best Daycare/School Facility EVER!
I have to say that I have 3 children ages 9,7 and 3 and have used various daycare's in FL, VA and now NC and this is by FAR the very best I have ever used. I would much prefer to properly call this a school rather than a "daycare". My daughter Callee LOVES all of her teachers and every adult that cares for her as do my two older children who attend before and after care. Callee learns so much in the 3 year old room its unbelievable! I am so pleased in just the short 4 weeks I wish we would have started her here from birth! Also, my school age children are doing amazing as well, the program and the teachers more than show they truly care for my kids and all of the children, I have observed them working with kids on homework, quizzing them on their spelling and playing/teaching my son to shoot hoops on the mini basketball court outside! This is all so amazing and wonderful and I feel so blessed to have found this fantastic school! Aside from just the children and their own experiences the staff and management is amazing and so friendly and professional. They help me figure out everything and got me started with everything so easily! I love to see them in the morning and afternoons just like the kids do. What a wonderful place! I am very excited to see what development the future will bring for all three of my kids having them in this school. Thank you to all!
Jennifer Dulaney
We commend all the teachers our son has worked with.
We would like to show our appreciation to our school family at Kids R Kids of Clayton. We have a 1 year old and a 5 year old who have been attending for a year now. We can’t tell you how much we adore and appreciate ALL of the wonderful staff. Our older son started in the Jr. K room and has graduated into the KRK Kindergarten program. Wow is just about all we can say. Even though he could already read at the age of 3 and he is such a “scary smart child” (quoted by his wonderful K teacher, Miss Mary), he still learns something new every day. The best part is that he is always excited to tell us what the letter of the week is and to talk about all of the different learning activities he does. Our only regret is we wish we had started him there as an infant. We commend all the teachers he has worked with. He is a loving child; however, he can be quite a handful. We think he may have sensory issues and his teachers have worked well with him, despite how much of a challenge he can be. Our younger son is quiet and shy. We see him thriving more and more every day he is there. He’s doing sign language now and his vocabulary is building every day. Even though he was a bit late on some of his milestones, we can’t even begin to tell you how well he has improved on his motor skills and language development. From the moment we took our tour of the facility, we just knew this is where we wanted our children to learn and grow. We love it so much there, that we drive about 25 minutes to get there, 5 days a week. We feel that even though this is quite out of the way, the quality of care our children receive is worth the drive. As a matter of fact, we pass about 7 child care facilities on our way there. Since we live so far, the elementary school our son is assigned to attend next year is not in the KRK school district. We have looked into transferring him to a school in the Clayton district so we can allow our younger son to continue to attend KRK through kindergarten. We just want to share that we feel truly blessed to be a part of the Kids R Kids family and that we always highly recommend them to friends and family.
E. Richmond
Kids R Kids has become a part of our family, and that has made all of the difference
When you make the difficult decision of leaving your children in the care of others, there are never enough assurances to ease your mind and comfort your heart. You do your best to research a childcare facility, visit the location, and meet the staff. Security doors, internet viewing, and a professional management give you a sense of the importance the childcare facility places on the care of your child, but you still wonder if they can provide the same level of security as your home. You look for accolades, degrees, reviews from other parents, and phrases like "5 star." We remember being in this place. That was two kids and 7 years ago. Looking back we are so thankful of the choice we made by choosing Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Clayton. However, the reasons we are proud of our choice go well beyond Kids R Kids answering all of the worries we had as new parents. Kids R Kids has become a part of our family. That is what has made all of the difference, and it is what makes Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Clayton stand out among other preschools of its kind. The staff at Kids R Kids have lived out their philosophy of "hug first, then teach." Always mindful of the importance of loving children, the staff creates a home away from home for each child. They go out of there way to include parents, share each child's journey with the family, and mold the psychological, social, and educational development of each child. To think, when we dropped off our firstborn that first day 7 years ago our only hope was that our child would be safe and that Kids R Kids would provide an environment close to what we could offer at home. Now that we are watching our second child graduate from the Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Clayton, our hope is that we can continue to provide the level of care our children have been blessed to have these past 7 years. Thank you Kids R Kids for being a part of our family!
M/M Mercer
Kids R Kids was THE BEST option for the safety, well being and education
I stayed at home with my son for the first three years of his life. I had been dreading the day when I would have to go back to work. As the economy got worse, there was no other option for me but to go back. My husband and I, like most average families, needed two incomes to survive. I started looking at day care options for my son about 3 months before I actually had to go back to work. I had inevitably grown very attached and protective of him. Everywhere I looked, I found something wrong with it. I just did not feel comfortable sending him to any of the places I looked at. And there were MANY. They were all supposedly 5 star ratings, although you could have fooled me. I was terrified of sending him to a daycare. I had heard war stories about the lack of cleanliness or about the low level staff, and the war stories seemed to be true based off of my initial research and investigation. I came upon Kids R Kids Clayton in passing. I actually have to go 15 minutes in the opposite direction from my job in order to get to Kids R Kids, which is why I had not originally considered it an option. But because options were thin, I decided to open up my search criteria outside of my planned route. I immediately felt a sense of security within the walls of the building. It was extremely clean, the kids and teachers seemed engaged, the staff was top notch. There was no sales person trying to pitch me on why I should choose this daycare. The surroundings spoke for themselves. One of the teachers walked me around and showed me the facilities. I was extremely impressed. Then they told me that there was a camera in each room and that I could watch my son anytime I wanted. That sealed the deal for me. I decided on the spot that this was where I would take my son when I went back to work. The first day came that I had to drop off my son, which was a difficult one for me and for him, as any parent in my situation knows. I would have much rathered it been me being the one to take care of him. It ripped my heart out to leave him there. But honestly, next to me, Kids R Kids was THE BEST option for the safety, well being and education of my son. They also made it a lot easier for both my son and I on this first day and the first few weeks to make the adjustment period more smooth. He has been going to Kids R Kids Clayton for almost one year now, and will continue there until he starts Kindergarten next year. He learns more and more everyday, they don't allow TV and they keep him active and engaged the entire day. He comes home exhausted (in a good way). To me, this decision is as critical as, "Where will I live?". It is a decision that will shape your child now and in the future. I am very greatful for finding Kids R Kids and I know it was the right choice.
N. Chahboun
Thanks to the staff of Kids R Kids Clayton!
My daughter attends the Kids R Kids in Clayton, NC and absolutely loves it there! She was 2 years old at the time we moved to NC from FL and had a hard time adjusting at first, but the teachers and staff at KRK Clayton not only made her feel welcome and loved, but made myself and my husband feel relaxed and confident in the process. She has grown so much over the last 3 years and I have the teachers and staff at KRK Clayton to thank! You know your child loves school when you pick her up and she doesn’t want to leave. She constantly asks if she can be the last kid picked up because she enjoys “helping the teachers, coloring with the markers in my pencil box, playing games on the kindle, and sliding on the BIG KID playground!”
J. Quintero
Kids R Kids has been beneficial for my family!
I sincerely require flexibility because my husband travels 100% and they are accommodating to my needs. I am so grateful and thankful for their continued support.
M. Badger - NC
Excellent educational curriculum and structure
The key benefits that are important to me are the curriculum, loving environment, owner`s involvement, and knowledgeable & caring staff. I`ve noticed my daughter`s writing and other fine motor skills have improved since we joined Kids R Kids Clayton. The preparation she is receiving for Kindergarten is phenomenal!
M. Crissman - NC
Kids R Kids Clayton is amazing!
We currently have our third child at Kids R Kids Clayton and have used them from infant through kindergarten programs. They are phenomenal! We checked out numerous childcare options before we began and Kids R Kids has surpassed them all by far. It is wonderful to be able to go to work and know that my children are given the best care. They have given us peace of mind and we love them!.
M/M Eckstein - NC
I ALWAYS recommend Kids R Kids Clayton!
Kids R Kids Clayton has been the best preschool I have come in contact with. Everything is great; the staff, cleanliness, curriculum, safety & security, and the loving environment. We`ve noticed our daughter is very sociable with other kid, more so now than before.
R.N. Guzman - NC
Cleanliness & Loving Environment
We like the personalization and time taken to make new parents feel comfortable, especially the infant staff and Ms. Renee. Our child is meeting milestones well and is socializing well with other children and adults. We`re extremely likely to recommend Kids R Kids Clayton to other families.
M/M Campbell - NC
Loving care of the staff
We wanted to take a moment to put our appreciation for the entire Kids ‘R Kids Family into writing! It is such a reassuring and wonderful feeling to know that your children are in a quality child care facility! Kids ‘R Kids offers my children an “uberclean”, organized and structured environment to grow and learn in each day, offering age appropriate learning and play. But MOST importantly, it is the loving care of the staff and the feeling of belonging to the KRK family that make us so appreciative! We wanted to “hoot and holler” for our kids’ teachers in particular. After our first son completed Ms. Karsha’s Explorer program last year, we have had the absolute pleasure of sending our second son there as well. Ms. Karsha is one of the best, if not the best teacher I have ever seen. She is of utmost professionalism…always! (Her dedication to her work with the kids was obvious last summer when, while pregnant, she “held on” to her second child until after her class had had their graduation ceremony) She is always prepared, very organized and expects the best from her students. At the same time she is loving, respectful and caring, leading by example! And while it has to be very difficult to have a new baby, a Kindergartener and a husband away for work during the week, her attitude and quality of teaching remain unshaken! We cannot thank her enough for teaching our boys and preparing them for school and life! She has giving them confidence and a love for learning! Our third son, after having spent his first 3.5 years at home with Mommy, joined the KRK family this Fall. Ms. Myra has made this big transition a small feat. She has been extra loving and understanding towards him, and turned our shy/apprehensive boy into a confident little dude. It took a while, but he now even HUGS her. This is no small accomplishment, since he hugs ONLY mommy and daddy! A BIG thank you also to Ms.Sheila, Ms Debbie and Ms. Jenna!!!!! We love you guys! So in closing, KRK is awesome all around, providing a wonderful state of the art facility as the basis and “born to be teachers” to nurture the children.
A. Sundstrom - NC
We appreciate all that you do!
I wanted to let you know just how very much we appreciate all of your dedication and hard work to make Kid R Kids Clayton such a wonderfully warm and educational environment. I was struck by how fortunate we are to be a part of Kids R Kids when earlier this week a young mother in our neighborhood asked me about our preschool. She had visited KRK and was impressed with all of you and the facility but had a a few "Mom to Mom" questions. Key themes: Loving and caring staff, leadership that expects excellence, committed teaching staff with low turnover, etc. I realized again how blessed we are to have complete confidence that our boys will be loved, nurtured, educated, enriched, and kept safe while in your care.
M/M Fusarelli - NC
Thank you for all the time, energy, and love!
Though life can be busy with kids and work, we wanted to take the opportunity to stop, reflect, and share our extreme gratitude and thanks for all that you have done for our children and our family throughout the past 5 years. You have accepted us with open arms and cared for, taught, and in a sense aided us in raising our children. But more than that you have loved them and this is evident in the way they have spoken so highly of you at home and the smiles on their faces when we drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evenings. So thank you for all of the time, energy, effort, and love you have in invested in our children`s lives. They will be forever shaped by the experiences they have had at Kids R Kids Clayton and in our opinions are all the better for it.
The Mitchell Family - NC
Our granddaughter has flourished!
We are so pleased as we observe her maturity, the vocabulary she possesses, and other aspects that are too many to name. She has received all this because of the caring concern from Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Bergit, and Ms. Emily. We look forward to the new teachers she will have as a 2 year old. If they are half as good as her current teachers, they will be wonderful!
V&J Rackley - NC
Inclement weather - Clayton stays open!
Thank you for the continued web updates on your operating hours and setting our expectations on when the next update will be. This is really helpful! It`s so much easier than sifting throught the school listings on news channels. Also, thank you for working extra hard to stay open when most everyone else closes. Although we didn`t leverage that benefit today (our daughter was sick last night with a temp), we normally would. My employer is not very understanding of NC weather issues since I can work from home and we are a global company. Not only does this increase my work performance and help prevent me from using paid time off that I`d rather not use, it also helps keep our daughter in her routine and maximizes her social and academic benefits from attending KRK. Clayton Kids R Kids is stellar!
J. Szymanowski - NC
Love this place!
We love Ms. Karsha, Ms. Sheila, Ms. Jenna, and Me. LeRhonda!! Low turnover due to dedicated teachers is the #1 reason we love Kids R Kids Clayton!
A. Sundstrom - NC
Very happy with Kindergarten!
We are writing this letter to let you know how happy we are with the performance of Miss Lisa. In August of last year we decided to see if our son was ready to attend kindergarten even though he missed the cut off date with Johnston County Schools. We decided to have him attend your school in the Kindergarten program. When our son first started there he could barely write his name. In the few months since then he not only writes his name, but he is writing full sentences as well as reading at a first grade level. We credit Lisa with his development 100%. He is excited to go to school and is even doing math at a very accelerated level. Your school is very lucky to have someone like Lisa representing you. She is a value to your school and to our country as a whole. She is deeply committed to her job and her kids. Thank you again for sharing Lisa with us!
M/M Molnar - NC
Teacher of the Year!
Our family was very happy to hear that Miss Felicia was being nominated for Teacher of the Year! What an honor! In this day and age, it is hard to find someone with such a passion for children and teaching! We have known Miss Felicia for almost 9 years. Most of that time has been spent in our church services, activities, and functions. She has been a babysitter to all four of our youngest girls. Actually, one of their favorites! She was our daughter`s violin teacher for a while, too. It`s refreshing to be around someone who truly loves children and loves to help them learn! In asking my children "What makes Miss Felecia a good teacher?" these were their words: 1) She talks very nicely. 2) If you mess up she still doesn`t get mad, but will help you. 3) She gives lots of compliments...which make you feel good. 4) She is a good friend. 5) She gives lots of hugs! I thought they said it best!! Good luck, Miss Felicia! You have all our votes!!!
The Weaver Family - NC
Kid R Kids Kindergarten Program ROCKS!
Kids R Kids Kindergarten program is outstanding! Our daughter has attended KRK since she was 3. We left KRK for a private school kindergarten, to be there only 3 weeks, and we came back home to KRK! It is my daughter’s home away from home. Mrs. Lisa is a top notch teacher. She is caring, dedicated and makes learning fun! My daughter adores her. I am amazed daily at what my daughter learns! My child reads 3 books a night, and is now reading chapter books. She is excited each and every morning to get to school and hurries me out the door! From the owner, to the director, to the teachers and staff, Kids R Kids is dedicated to the safety, growth, education and well being of your child. The summer camp program is also amazing. They are “themed” programs and offer a ton of activities for your child. They go on field trips, have educators come into the school teaching the kids about bugs, nature, or show them how to cook. Kids R Kids is an outstanding institution for your child to start their childhood, preschool and Kindergarten years!
C. Watson - NC
Couldn`t be happier with Kindergarten!
Our son has attended Kids R Kids since he was 3 years old; the staff are incredible in their passion for teaching children. We were faced with choosing a private kindergarten for our son and wanted on with a good environment and a teacher who communicates well. After a lot of searching, Kids R Kids launched their Kindergarten program and we were ecstatic! We were already impressed with how well run the facility was. Our son is reading, writing, and learning math on a daily basis. He comes home excited and I`m amazed at the things he tells us what he has learned. With the direction of Mrs. Lisa, his learning has exceeded our expectations. She truly cares about her students and their education. She maintains a nurturing environment while making lessons fun and exciting. We couldn`t be happier about our decision to enroll our son in the Kindergarten program. He has grown both academically and socially. This has been a positive experience for both our son and us. We are very grateful to Mrs. Lisa and the Kids R Kids Staff for making our son`s early learning experience so enjoyable.
R. Slate - NC
Kindergarten Recommendation
Our son attended the Kindergarten program when he was tracked our from his year-round elementary school. He loved the program and enjoyed going every day. They did fun experiments and a variety of educational activities to keep him interested and learning. He was required to keep a daily journal during his track out period, and I definitely noticed an improvement in his writing during this brief time. He was able to get more one-on-one time with his teacher, and it was nice for me to have the opportunity to discuss his progress with her on a much more frequent basis than is possible in his current public school. The after school program was convenient for me and fun for him. I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend the Kindergarten program at Kids R Kids to anyone looking for alternatives to public school.
B. Stout - NC
Convenient hours
The hours of operation are longer than other child care facilities in the area. When I drop off my child every morning first thing at 6:30am, I am always greeted with a familiar face. I did not experience this at other schools.
A. Stallings - NC
Encourages your child to learn
Kids R Kids of Clayton is cleaner, better organized, and more modern than other child care centers I have visited. Since my daughter began attending, I`ve noticed she is very sociable now and her speech has improved. I would always recommend Kids R Kids of Clayton to other families because I am proud my child goes there.
D. Chambers - NC
Location, Hours of Operation, Safety & Security
Kids R Kids Clayton differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a secure, staffed front entrance, and all the teachers in the building seem to know all the children. During our time at this school, I have noticed our childrens’ vocabulary, motor skills, discipline, and orderliness have all improved. I would very much recommend Kids R Kids Clayton to another family.
J. Hornbeck - NC
Extremely impressed with your facility!
The clean, friendly, happy environment is so reassuring to my husband and I as parents. You can tell the staff LOVES what they do; it’s not “just a job”. I get compliments from so many people about how well my daughter speaks; it’s great. Thank you Kids R Kids Clayton!
A. Joyce - NC
“5 Stars” says it all!
Kids R Kids Clayton offers many benefits to my child; the curriculum, loving environment, cleanliness of the school, the owner’s involvement, knowledgeable and caring staff, safety and security to name a few. All are equally important to me. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my child’s level of independence since joining Kids R Kids. I would very likely recommend Kids R Kids to another family.
R. Yancey - NC
VERY impressed with the management and teachers!
I chose Kids R Kids Clayton because of the excellent 5 star rating. I also really appreciate the secure internet camera system. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to check on your child any time that you like. Our son is SO sociable and his speech and learning skills have blossomed exponentially. He is a smart little boy! I would DEFINITELY recommend Kids R Kids of Clayton. We are very happy here and think the world of Kids R Kids and all of its staff!
P. Bye - NC
Curriculum differentiates you from your competitors
I am very glad our son is at Kids R Kids Clayton. He is learning so much, we are amazed! He has become a confident little boy who is at ease in new social situations; I attribute a good bit of this to Kids R Kids. We feel welcome at the school and he enjoys going to school. I have recommended your school to another family. They are currently attending and are very happy as well.
M. Miller - NC
Thank you!
We just want to say thank you to Kids R Kids and the staff for the continued care that you give our children. Knowing that they are safe and happy at KRK makes leaving everyday a lot easier. A special thanks to Ms. Shelby and Ms. Kim for always being so gracious and willing to answer any questions that we have. Thank you Kids R Kids for giving our children a place to learn, thrive, and grow.
Melissa and Charles Norwood - NC
Jr. Kindergarten Camp
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased we have been with the Jr. Kindergarten summer camp. Every week has included either a water play day, educational field trip or a guest speaker. My daughter felt like such a "big kid" getting to ride the bus. The activities in the classroom and the artwork associated with the theme of the week have all been great as well. In fact, we are already looking forward to Summer Camp 2010!! Thanks for all your hard work. It has really been well worth it!
K.Keith - NC
Your Facility is TOP NOTCH
Your facility is top-notch and the staff is beyond reproach particularly, Mrs. Shelby. She loved and treated Makayla like her own child. Thank you for all you have done. You will be sorely missed.
Michael and Shawn Pate - NC
The BEST Child Care Center!
My husband and I couldn`t be happier with Kids R Kids of Clayton. We are so very blessed to be a part of your family. My boys’ lives are enriched every day by the love, knowledge and generosity of all the staff. Thank you for being a significant part of their growth and our lives. We look forward to many more wonderful years with you!
D. Cowan - NC
Very caring staff
The staff is always eager to work in tandem with parents. The teachers are willing to discipline when necessary but always in a caring way, never demoralizing. I consider my son`s teacher`s very valuable teammates in his upbringing.
D. Reid - NC
EXCELLENT child care center
I just wanted to send a note and let you know just how happy Chris and I are with your facility. About a year ago we came to you from a not so great center and I have to tell you that it is like NIGHT AND DAY. Everything from the greetings we get from the front desk, to the lunch ladies and teachers (some of whom I don`t know), everyone always smiles and looks so happy. It is so reassuring to a parent that their child is in a positive place. The education level of your staff is so impressive. I get compliments OFTEN on how smart my daughter is - from complete strangers...... I always make sure to tell them that I cannot take all the credit for it, because she is in an EXCELLENT child care center. My daughter AMAZES me every day at the things she knows. I KNOW it`s from being at Kids R Kids. I don`t know what you are doing but you just keep doing it. We are so blessed to have made the switch to your center. We are just so pleased with Kids R Kids of Clayton. Thank you again, so much.
A. Girod - NC
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