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Junior Kindergarten


Kids R Kids Clayton has excelled in creating a specialized Junior Kindergarten environment which focuses on an excellent academic foundation. We have invested much thought and careful planning in developing this exclusive program. The Kids R Kids Clayton Junior Kindergarten Program's academic base is our 'Fast Track' curriculum.  This curriculum helps prepare your child for success in our exclusive & private Kindergarten Program.  Fast Track curiculum meets and exceeds the state's objectives for public Kindergarten. 

We are also very excited to announce the addition of the Hatch Inc.. TeachSmart® Learning System to this classroom. Read more about this state-of-the-art interact ive student-teacher system.

Action Reading Phonics
ACTION READING is a phonics instruction program that teaches reading for accuracy, meaning, and comprehension.  This exciting program is full of fun, songs, art, and drama.  Use of this program creates a stimulating classroom excitement that is as much fun for the teacher as it is for the students.   The Action Reading method incorporates the following: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic skills.  Words, sentences, and stories are read, not pictures.  AR provides a logical, linguistic presentation of the 70 phonemes, comprehension and literature.  Reading, writing, spelling, and grammar are all taught together and we encourage strong parental involvement.   Kids R Kids Clayton is excited about the integration of a formal phonics agenda in our Junior Kindergarten Program.  

Enrichment Lessons
We are proud to offer Junior Kindergarteners an extension of extra-curricular activities such as creative art, music & movement, science & gardening, and character development. These lessons are captured on the classroom schedule and are incorporated into the class at an exclusive level!   Combined, these lessons edify skills and habits in a broad range of subject matter, creativity, and behaviors.  Lessons include hands-on activities that provide extended forums for discovery, growth, achievement, and reward.  In addition the classroom's computer center provides lesson-based, relevant programs that support the classroom agenda.

Classroom Blueprint
The Junior Kindergarten Program is themed 'Junior K Jungle.'  Five-Star Program criteria require a specific layout of centers, materials, furniture, standards, and quality.  Classroom includes library and literature, computer center, interactive Smartboard, STEAM, language arts, and writing exploration. The structure mirrors a kindergarten classroom in layout, schedule, and curriculum.  Our program establishes a foundation for kindergarten and elementary school readiness that develops each child's confidence and independence in an engaging, FUN atmosphere.  You will be as proud as we are!


Our next program is our crown jewel; the Kids R Kids Clayton Kindergarten Program.


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